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Toys for bad children

"Beware of the Boogey Man, little boy..."

This was my drawing for Halloween, but I have so many things to do for class that I couldn't finish it on time OTL anyway, this was another color practice because it's my first illust made with Clip Studio Paint PRO, and I liked a lot the color tools that it has! I hope to improve with the next, maybe I'd use it as my new tool to draw my webcomic, I'm impatient to see how the manga tool works ww

As I promise, here are my dear two dolls from my new DA skin, Kowareta and Konagona. They're the servants of the Boogey Man so they have to count all the bad boys arround for his master uwu I want to show more of their storyback very soon with an special omake of I wanna be a hero, stay tuned~

Kowareta and Konagona "Broken in pieces" are from I wanna be a hero original series.

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